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'Bengal Tiger' Review: Mass Masala Tiger

'Bengal Tiger' Review: Mass Masala Tiger

Movie: Bengal Tiger
Rating: 3/5
Sri Sathya Arts
Cast: Ravi Teja, Tamannah, Rashi Khanna, Bomman Irani, Pavithra, Brahmanandam, Prudhvi and others
Music: Bheems
Cinematography: S Sounder Rajan
Editing: Gautham Raj
Presented by: Lakshmi Rammohan
Produced by: K K Radhamohan
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Sampath Nandi
Release Date: December, 2015

With Balupu and Power, Ravi Teja was back in the right track but his recent Kick 2 failed miserably. So he teamed up with director Sampath Nandi of Rachcha fame to attract his core mass audiences.

The trailers and the glamorous show of Tamannah had created huge buzz around the film. So does this movie have in it to deliver another hit for Ravi Teja, let’s find out…

A village guy Akash (Ravi Teja) wants to be a celebrity or famous personality by hook or crook. A small incident turns him into a known person overnight and lands him a job at minister's house (Rao Ramesh). He is entrusted to protect the minister's daughter Shradda (Rashi Khanna) from enemies. Shradda falls in love with him and asks her father to marry her to Akash. On her birthday, her father announces that Akash would be his son-in-law but Akash declares on the same stage that he is actually in love with Chief Minister Ashok Gajapathi's (Bomman Irani) daughter Meera (Tamannah). What is this twist? 

Artistes’ Performances:
Ravi Teja not only looks better in this movie compared to his sullen look in Kick 2 but also is at his best in delivering entertainment. He has given better output in this movie in comparison to his previous movie. 

Between the two heroines, Rashi Khanna steals the show with her glamour show as she gets more footage than Tamannah and she has also appeared in a bikini. Tamannah has sizzled in songs with her plenty of skin show. Bomman Irani as an intelligent antagonist is in his elements.

And Prudhvi once again has generated superb laughs as he excels in the role of Future Star Siddappa. Brahmanandam has failed again. Tanikella, Nagineedu, Rao Ramesh and Shayaji Shinde are okay. 

Technical Excellence:
Sounder Rajan's cinematography has added rich look. His camera has captured the beauty of heroines very well. Bheem's music is typical mass oriented. Hardly any song gets registered. Editing, production values are neat.  


  • Entertaining first half
  • Prudhvi’s comedy episode
  • Glamorous show by heroines


  • Lack of novelty
  • Predictable second half

Ram Charan starrer Rachcha was a hit movie but the film was criticized for its formulaic storytelling. In Bengal Tiger, director Sampath Nandi added more comedy still keeping his regular style.

The first half of the movie is funny and has some hilarious episodes but he could not maintain the same tempo in the second half. Nevertheless, the movie works as average fare due to its commercial elements like comedy, full of skin show by heroines,  and hero Ravi Teja's entertaining act. 

Since the story is very predictable and simple, the director has tried to play the game with comedy and dialogues. Some of the dialogues like 'when we thought there wouldn't be more popular star than Rajinikanth in South India, here came Pawan Kalyan', that would surely make mass audiences and the fans go in frenzy.

There are also dialogues of praising Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Mahesh Babu's Srimanthudu. 

Such kind of dialogues and superb funny episode by Prudhvi as Future Star Siddappa has made the first half very entertaining. 

Post interval, like in Rachcha, the director has not able to keep the similar tempo as too many action sequences are thrown in. Second half and predictability of the story and the ending has made the movie just an average fare.

The so-called flashback episode of the hero and his mission is almost similar to Ravi Teja's old movie Bhageeratha. Even Boman Irani's character is like Prakash Raj's in Bhageeratha. But director has changed the wrapping. 

All in all, the film is an out and out mass entertainer. 

Bottom-line: Regular Fare With Comedy

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