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'Attarintiki Daredi' Review: Runs On Pawan Mania

'Attarintiki Daredi' Review: Runs On Pawan Mania

Film: Attarintiki Daredi
Rating: 3.5/5
Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, Praneeta, Nadiya, Rao Ramesh, MS Narayana, Posani, Prithvi, Sameer, Brahmaji, Sivannarayana, Raghu Babu, Ali, Kota, Brahmanandam etc
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Action: Peter Heins
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Released on: 27th Sep 2013

Pawan Kalyan, after the super block buster hit ‘Gabbar Singh’ and crowd pulling film ‘CGR’; and Trivikram Srinivas after delivering another super hit ‘Julayi’ have come together with ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ today. This actor-director duo has earlier given a massive hit ‘Jalsa’.  ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ has quivered the websites and TV channels a few days ago with piracy news and hence it was released in an emergency. Let us get into ins and outs of the film.

Gautam Nanda (Pawan Kalyan) is the grandson of a rich man (Boman Irani). The Nandas are the business tycoons in Milan, Italy. 80 year old Nanda asks Gautam to get back his daughter whom he necked out years ago for marrying a man not of his financial standard.  Recalling the memories of his daughter, he asks Gautam to get her as a birthday gift for him.

Thus Gautam finds a mission to get back his aunt (Nadiya), the daughter of his grandfather and sister of his father (Mukesh Rishi).  He starts his journey in search of Attarintiki Dari!

As Gautam lands in India, he attempts to get close to the family of his aunt hiding his identity. He changes his name as Siddhu and joins them as a driver. One of the daughters of his aunt Samantha falls in love with Gautam alias Siddhu. On the other hand Gautam supports and protects both his aunt and uncle (Rao Ramesh) from conspirers those wish to conquer their business.

Finally, if Gautam will be successful in bringing back his aunt to his grandfather forms rest of the story.

Pawan Kalyan as usual a powerful crowd puller appeared with right grace and glory. He performed jovially with his trade mark dialogue delivery. The dances were not so complicated but just pleasant. In Bapugari Bomma song he dances wearing lungi receiving claps from masses.

Praneeta is beautiful with her big eyes. But she didn’t came out from her over expressiveness.

Samantha is cute and up to the requirement.

MS Narayana is ok but he must have been used more efficiently. Ali’s part brings laughs. Posani is impressive with his mass pulling appearance. His style of dialogues like, ‘nenemanna Benhur cinemani burra kathagaa chebuthunnaanaa?” bring guffaws from front benchers.

Raghu Babu is perfect in his role and Rao Ramesh could deliver right performance in right degree. Above all, Nadiya, the main actress in the film turns the heads of all with her beautiful screen presence and apt performance.

Brahmanandam brings laughs in 2nd half but some scenes on him became too lengthy. Kota is reasonable.


  • Pawan Kalyan
  • Songs
  • Story line


  • Some ameteurish scenes with excessive cinematic liberties
  • A few scenes in second half 

The title “Attarintiki Daredi” has the power to pull the family crowds. At the same time the content in it is appealing equally good for mass audience. Thus it stood as a product with right blend of elements those entertain both families and masses.  

Trivikram’s pen that has huge expectations met the requirement but gone overboard in some parts.  It being Pawan Kalyan’s film audiences do expect more and more from his pen. Though there are some just normal sparks here and there with respect to his dialogues in 1st half, he has shown his true mettle all over. But some dialogues and scenes where Pawan Kalyan orders to purchase the Railway Station are not in tune with the maturity levels of Trivikram. Though such scenes were conceived to show how rich the protagonist is, they are not convincing. Simlarly Ahalya-Gautamudu rehearsal scene on Brahmi-Pawan-Samantha and Ali is lengthy and boring. 

"Simham podukundi kadaa ani joolutho jada veyakoodadu raa..ade puli palakarinchindi kadaa ani pakkana nilabadi photo digaalanukokoodadu roi" is one dialogue that got huge applause equally good as it got in trailer. And some other such dialogues are:-

"Paamu paradhyananga undi kadaani padaga meeda kaaleyyakoodadu roi"

"Nenu simham laantonnabba..adi geddam geesukoledu. Nenu geesukogalanu. Anthe tedaa".

Another dialogue, “Ramudu samduram daggaraki vellaaka bridge elaa kattalo plan chesadu kaani, adivilo koorchuni plan geesukuni samduram daggariki raledu” is another line that worked well in theatre situationally.

A scene in which Pawan Kalyan imitating Mohan Babu and in another scene Pawan’s character behaving as if he doesn’t know who Chiranjeevi is brought claps and shouts instantly but especially the latter scene may remain as controversy element down the line. The scene with Chiru goes like this:

Seeing a scene from Chiranjeevi’s Gang Leader on TV, the conversation between Pawan and MS goes like this:-

Pawan: "eeyana evaru?"
MS: "Chiranjeevi ani.."
Pawan: "Acting baane chesthunnaadu. Ippudem chesthunnaaru?"
MS: "maanesaaru sir"
Pawan : "Yenduku?"
MS: "vaallabbayi chesthunnaadu"

And some naughty scenes where Pawan unzips Samantha and Samantha saying, “Thinnadanthaa ikkadike potondi” holding her butt do attract masses but keeps family audiences in awe. But every thing passes without any quip due to Pawan’s aspect. 

And coming to the music part, all the songs are impressive. ‘Bapu gari Bomma’ entertains family crowds and ‘Ori Devudo’pulls the attention of masses. 'Ninnu choodagane' stands as highlight. 'Kevvu keka' parody entertains Pawan fans.

Peter Heins’ action episodes are interesting if looked at understanding cinematic liberties.

First half runs hilarious while the sentiment and right tempo builds in second half along with a few boring moments. Pawan's performance in the climax is impressive. 

On a whole, Attarintiki Daredi will be an entertaining film when entered into theatres with average expectations.

Bottom Line: Family and mass entertainer  

(Venkat can be reached at venkat@greatandhra.com or https://twitter.com/greatandhranews)

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