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Why Smear Campaigns Only Against Trisha?

Why Smear Campaigns Only Against Trisha?

Everything seems to be happening only to Trisha, and it's all occurring back-to-back.

Long ago, she was dragged into a fake bathroom video scandal, recently there has been commotion over Mansoor Ali Khan's words, and the latest is a Tamil politician's nasty remarks about her.

The question arises: why does this happen only around Trisha?

Turning to Andhra Pradesh politics, the film star appeal has declined, and even Pawan Kalyan, who shone in movies, seems to be losing relevance in politics. He lost an election once, and even now he hasn't become a formidable force.

However, Tamil Nadu presents a different scenario. There, people still consider star heroes and heroines in politics.

While Rajinikanth's potential political entry has been widely debated, Vijay's recent entry into politics underscores the power of star influence.

When a star heroine aligns with a certain political figure, it garners significant public interest, drawing crowds to rallies. Namitha's popularity at one point is a testament to this trend.

Some individuals are attempting to use Trisha as a propaganda tool for the upcoming elections. Preliminary discussions have already taken place.

A new discussion emerged in Tamil Nadu that the smear campaign against her is orchestrated because she refused to be a star campaigner for a particular party.

Former AIADMK leader Raju's recent statement, considered highly derogatory, is part of this discussion.

Currently, there's a discussion about Trisha's remuneration, with negative publicity alleging she's accepting 6 crores and investing abroad, potentially violating regulations.

Some speculate that these efforts are orchestrated by certain groups to turn Trisha in their favor.

If Trisha were to enter the election campaign, the excitement would be extraordinary, offering substantial mileage to the party or candidate. But Trisha appears disinterested in such political trials, prioritizing her film commitments.

However, controversies continue to surround her, fueled by opposition, and it's anticipated that more mud will be slung her way in the days ahead.

We have to see how long Trisha endures such a campaign and stands as a role model of being the iron lady.

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