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Watch: Abhishek Nama responds on controversy

Watch: Abhishek Nama responds on controversy

Producer Abhishek Nama mentioned that he offered the directorial opportunity to Naveen Medaram, who initially worked as a line producer.

Abhishek Nama, from Abhishek Pictures, serves as the producer and director for the spy thriller "Devil."

Initially, Naveen Medaram was selected as the director, but he was later replaced due to certain issues.

In response to this controversy, Abhishek Nama addressed the matter and provided clarification in an interview with 'greatandhra.'

He expressed his desire to produce this periodical thriller under their banner, and upon writer Srikanth Vissa's preparation of a good story, it was narrated to Nandamuri Kalyanram.

Upon receiving approval from Kalyanram, they selected Naveen Medaram to make his directorial debut.

However, Naveen struggled to execute a massive fight sequence initiated at the beginning. Despite considering an immediate replacement, Naveen requested another chance.

Due to issues within the unit, they ultimately removed Naveen Medaram and issued legal notices. A settlement was reached between the parties.

Abhishek Nama highlighted that the film "Devil" has turned out well due to the commendable work of all 24 crafts involved.

He emphasized that Kalyan Ram's performance in the film is exceptional. Abhishek Nama assured that the movie maintains a fast pace and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

The film boasts good background music, excellent cinematography, and promises to transport the audience to the pre-Independence era upon entering the theater.

Additionally, Abhishek Nama disclosed that he received an opportunity from a major production banner to direct a film.

He also mentioned plans to direct a film under his own banner, with further details to be announced soon.


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