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Ugram Story Spans 5 Years: Allari Naresh

Ugram Story Spans 5 Years: Allari Naresh

Allari Naresh's Ugram under the direction of Vijay Kanakamedala is up for release on May 5th. They are hopeful of the movie to do well like their previous movie Naandhi.

Naresh says the entire team worked hard on the project.

"Most of the technicians that worked for Naandhi are associated for Ugram as well. After the success of Naandhi, the expectations on the whole team increased. We have worked hard to meet those expectations."

He affirms to have been getting serious roles after Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi.

“Before the release of Naandhi, writers and directors used to approach me mostly with comedy roles. After Maharshi, directors started approaching me with new stories. I believe they will come up with more different stories after Ugram.”

Naresh affirms doing comedy is tougher than any other genre.

“Comedians can do anything. Everyone welcomed Brahmanandam in Rangamarthanda and Suri in Vidudhala. Now the trend is changing. When it comes to Ugram, director Vijay has mentioned the minuses before highlighting my pluses. My height is okay for the police role. However, he told me to change my body language and voice modulation.”

He thanked all the heroes who did reels.

“It was a surprise for me as well. I didn't know that Sesh, Nikhil, Vishwak and Sandeep will do reels. They have shot the reel in the caravan. It’s their love for me.”

Naresh explains about variations in the character and the span of the story.

“I will be seen in the role of three variations. The story spans five years. He adores a girl, while he’s training as an SI, then gets married and has a daughter. He gains weight after marriage and becomes CI. I’ll be seen with short hair in the last portions.”

He’s all praises for director Vijay Kanakamedala.

“Vijay is very cool and calm. He has more confidence in his work. Also, he believes in teamwork. He knows very clearly what he wants.”

Allari Naresh once again expressed his wish to revive EVV Cinema banner.


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