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Top 5: Week Of Weak Films And A Bold One

Top 5: Week Of Weak Films And A Bold One

1. Rama Banam: The film, released under a renowned banner known for its successful track record, has incurred the wrath of the audience.

The collections in city centers were meager, but relatively better in B and C centers across the two Telugu states.

To achieve breakeven, the film needs to earn a share of Rs 15 Cr, which seems impractical given the current reception.

As the weekdays have commenced, it is anticipated that the collections will plummet even further.

2. Ugram: Allari Naresh presents an intriguing cop story in his latest film. While the movie garnered a promising response in urban locations during its initial release, it did not perform as well in other centers.

In order to achieve breakeven, the film requires a share of Rs 5 Cr, but given the current trend, it appears challenging to reach that target.

Weekdays may not prove encouraging for the collections of this film as per trade reports.

3. Virupaksha: Despite belonging to the horror genre, this film has remarkably emerged as a favorite of the season, receiving rave reviews and amassing impressive box office collections, even in its third week of release.

Securing the pinnacle position in the box office is a testament to its resounding success.

While the forthcoming weekdays will pose a challenge, the ongoing summer season presents a favorable opportunity for continued strong performance.

The film's creators proudly announced its staggering earnings of Rs. 83 Cr to date.

4. The Kerala Story: This film has emerged as a surprise attention puller of the season due to its controversial nature.

It is receiving a tremendous response in Hyderabad, although its performance in other centers is not on par.

Given the intense content packed into the film, audiences are also exhibiting hesitancy in attending theaters to watch it. In several theaters, the presence of police personnel has been arranged to preempt any unforeseen situations.

As per trade reports, the film crossed the Rs 33 Cr mark in collections on its third day of release. However, the trajectory of its collection in the future remains to be seen, and it has been banned from screening in certain states.

5. Guardian Of Galaxy 3: This Hollywood film failed to garner the attention of its target audience as expected.

The storyline revolves around a high-stakes mission aimed at saving the life of Rocket, a mission whose success is pivotal to the survival of the beloved Guardians.

Although the film managed to achieve decent collections in urban locations, it failed to create the same level of traction and enthusiasm in other areas, leaving its overall reception somewhat lackluster.


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