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Top 5: Horror Scores Surprise Hit

Top 5: Horror Scores Surprise Hit

1. Maa Oori Polimera 2: Starring Satyam Rajesh, this movie garnered audience attention, primarily because its prequel gained traction upon its OTT release a couple of years back.

The film performed well in terms of collections in single screens domestically. In a way, this is a surprise success of the week.

The film's performance during the weekdays will be pivotal in determining its success. We'll have to wait and see what unfolds.

2. Keedaa Cola: The film's first weekend at the box office has concluded. Overall, while there was some initial enthusiasm in the Naizam area, it eventually lost its expected momentum.

The movie had lackluster openings and dismal collections in the Andhra and Ceded regions, ultimately resulting in a disaster in Andhra Pradesh.

Nevertheless, the film managed to perform well in the USA. 

3. Bhagavanth Kesari: The movie made a slight recovery in the third weekend, but there remains a gap between the overall production cost and the box office recovery.

Despite the completion of non-theatrical business, the film did not turn a profit even after this extended period.

In the end, the film fell short of being a hit but managed to stop just behind the breakeven mark.

4. Leo: The movie has nearly completed its full run at the box office, experiencing a drastic drop in collections, with only a few walk-ins during the third weekend.

Overall, the film managed to capture the interest of some audience but ultimately received mixed to below-average reviews.

With lukewarm responses across all regions, the Telugu version of the film cannot be deemed a successful venture.

5. Narakasura: The film's openings were notably bad. Despite having no competition on its release day other than with "Keedaa Cola" and "Maa Oori Polimera-2," it failed to capture the audience's attention.

The movie's performance at the box office during the first weekend was underwhelming and it ultimately concluded its run with no prospects for improvement during the weekdays.

There has been no compelling word-of-mouth publicity to hope for the best.


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