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Top 5: Biggest Disaster From Akkineni Hero

Top 5: Biggest Disaster From Akkineni Hero

1. Custody: The movie was labeled a disaster right from its very first day of release. The openings were underwhelming, except for the fan-shows.

The film failed to captivate the audience's interest across various locations, resulting in disappointing collections that fell far short of breaking even.

This film stands as one of the most significant failures in Naga Chaitanya's career.

2. The Kerala Story: This film has successfully completed its second weekend run. The collections have been strong in urban centers and multiplexes, although slightly lower in other areas.

The film, centered around the controversial theme of alleged Love-Jihad terrorism, attracted considerable attention due to its bold content.

So far, the film has amassed a gross revenue of Rs 113 Cr at the box office, and the numbers continue to rise.

3. Virupaksha: In spite of its classification within the realm of horror, this cinematic masterpiece has undeniably emerged impressive revenue at the box office, even during its fourth week of theatrical run.

While the collections have witnessed a decline when compared to that of first three weeks, enthusiasts of the horror genre continue to flock to witness its captivating allure.

The film's creators ecstatically proclaimed its astounding gross earnings of Rs. 91 Cr thus far.

4. Ugram: In his most recent cinematic endeavor, Allari Naresh unveils a captivating narrative centered around law enforcement. A

lthough the urban regions exhibited a favorable reception upon its initial premiere, the film failed to achieve comparable success in other locales.

According to industry reports, the film's prospects for weekdays appear less than auspicious in terms of box office collections.

5. Chatrapathi: The Hindi remake of Chatrapathi featuring Saisrinivas Bellakonda has turned out to be the season's biggest disaster.

Despite being laden with intense action sequences, the film has failed to resonate with the Northern audience.

To the astonishment and dismay of the creators, the audience has outright rejected the film. Furthermore, it has struggled to garner even modest collections at the box office.


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