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Top 4 Contestants Reach Level 2 In Ticket To Finale!

Top 4 Contestants Reach Level 2 In Ticket To Finale!

Abhijeet, Akhil, Sohel and Harika have reached the level 2 in the ticket to the finale task.

Coincidentally, these four contestants have the strongest vote banks compared to others. This task ensured that weak players like Avinash, Ariana and Monal didn’t have a way around to reach the final five.

Whoever wins the ticket to finale task will directly reach the final five by escaping next week’s nominations. Ariana is not in nominations this week, but either Avinash or Monal will make an exit from the show this weekend. 

According to current voting trends Avinash is lagging behind while Monal has been receiving good support from the neutral audience.

Avinash further hampered his chances with stupid and annoying behavior for the third day in a row. He tried to play smart by mixing water and milk from the fridge while other contestants are trying hard to reach the next level. He got disqualified for his silly game and then he started blaming others for his loss.

Ariana and Monal were the next to be out of the task respectively. Ariana tried to gain sympathy by crying in front of the cameras after losing the task. Monal maintained composure and didn’t put up any theatrics post losing the chance to reach the final five.

Let’s see who among the top 4 will bypass the next week's nominations and book a spot in the finale. 

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