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Thanks to Salman, Alia Bhatt Gives Dates to RRR

Thanks to Salman, Alia Bhatt Gives Dates to RRR

Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has cancelled his mega film “Insallah” with Salman Khan due to differences between them.

The love story was announced in the combination of Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt and its shoot was to begin this September. However, Bhansali parted ways with Salman Khan after the latter demanded huge paycheck.

The Bollywood director will now be looking for his replacement. So the shooting schedule in the month of September has been cancelled. This has come as a boon to the team of “RRR”.

Alia Bhatt is also acting in Rajamouli’s “RRR” but she has been struggling to adjust dates to this movie. She can now allot dates freely to Rajamouli’s movie.

Currently, S S Rajamouli is filming a lengthy foreign sequence in Bulgaria. NTR is participating in this schedule.

Ram Charan’s presence is not required here. NTR and Rajamouli will return to Hyderabad in September. Then he will start a huge shoot schedule towards the end of September in Hyderabad.

Alia Bhatt who has been cast opposite Ram Charan in the film will join the sets then.

Recently, team RRR has informed her that she needs to come to the Hyderabad sets during this schedule that will go in October.

Around the same period, the foreign actress will also be called in and her name will be announced to the media before that.

NTR is playing the role of Komaram Bheem and Ram Charan is Alluri Seetha Rama Raju. Alia Bhatt is Ram Charan’s wife Seetha.

The character of a foreign girl is a fictional character. In real life, there is no foreign girl in Komaram Bheem’s life. Bheem was a freedom fighter.

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