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Siddharth Miffed with Fans' Paithyam

Siddharth Miffed with Fans' Paithyam

Fans of Tamil movie big stars Ajith and Vijay are infamous for trending filthy hashtags on social media.

Ajith fans use dirtiest hashtags against Vijay and Vijay’s fans retort in the same manner against Ajith and vice versa.

For the first time, fans of Telugu cinema and Tamil cinema have indulged in dirty wars on social media.

On Wednesday, #UnrivalledTamilActors vs #TeluguRealHeroes started trending on Twitter. Telugu fans had created some filthy memes against the Tamil stars.

Similarly, Tamil cinema fans indulged in dirtiest comments and memes against the Telugu stars. Seeing the trend, actor Siddharth strongly reacted.

"Today's #Paithyam challenge in South Indian fans clashing trends is #UnrivalledTamilActors vs #TeluguRealHeroes. What a waste of the internet! Our country really needs these youngsters to do more with their lives, and their internet data,” Siddharth tweeted.

Some fans indeed have no sense and mind in creating silly hashtags.


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