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Salaar to Break 'RRR' Record in Nizam!

Salaar to Break 'RRR' Record in Nizam!

"Salaar," featuring Prabhas, has witnessed the most substantial surge in ticket prices in Telangana compared to any other film thus far.

With these elevated rates and the extensive number of screenings on its opening day in Telangana, the film stands a strong chance of establishing a significant record.

"RRR" previously held the record by earning over Rs 20 crore on its first day in Telangana, with conflicting reports suggesting figures between Rs 21 crore and Rs 23 crore. It remained the sole film to achieve this feat.

If the current momentum persists, "Salaar" is poised to effortlessly surpass this record, thereby setting a new benchmark for other heroes to aspire to.

Mythri Movie Makers secured the film for Nizam at an approximate cost of Rs 65 crore. To attain breakeven, the film needs to gross between Rs 120 and Rs 130 crore.


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