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Salaar Day 1 (Hindi): Exceeds Expectations

Salaar Day 1 (Hindi): Exceeds Expectations

Mumbai: Salaar has not only met but exceeded expectations at the box office.

While the Telugu version was anticipated to perform well, there were uncertainties surrounding the Hindi version, especially with the clash against Dunki.

The distribution of screens became a point of contention, particularly considering Salaar's emphasis on single screens. The suboptimal allocation raised concerns about its opening.

Despite the circumstances, the Prashanth Neel-directed film has performed exceptionally, garnering 15 crores* on its opening day, surpassing the expected 8-10 crores.

Considering the delayed advance booking and potential improvements in screen allocation, even 20 crores could have been within reach.

This promising start marks just the beginning for Salaar. The strong opening instills confidence in exhibitors, paving the way for a more optimal screen allocation.

The journey for Salaar has only just commenced, and as events unfold leading up to Christmas, the film's fate, currently looking positive, will be determined.


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