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RGV Makes Lady Anchor Clean Bowled

RGV Makes Lady Anchor Clean Bowled

People always talk about the negativity on social media. Several celebrities faced heat from the netizens in recent times.

Some of them have closed their social media accounts and some of them closed the comments section. But there are always two sides to a coin. 

There is a lot of fun on social media. Maverick director RGV recently shared a meme on himself praising the creativity of the netizens!

Getting into the details, RGV recently attended an interview and the interviewer asked him "In recent times, when did you feel like 'wow' with a desire by looking at a girl?" 

RGV never minces his words while answering such questions said, "lots.  Including you!" leaving her into splits. The same video edited beautifully by a creative netizen and made it a TikTok video.

They have added "Ayipaaye" word which reminds of a popular Swamiji with 'Ammaye Sannaga' song in the background.

They have also added Parvateesam's dialogue "Five minutes chat.. gunta flat" giving ultimate comedy touch. Needless to say, it has impressed the maker of 'Murder'! 

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