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Ram Charan's Fans Ask Upasana to Delete That Pic

Ram Charan's Fans Ask Upasana to Delete That Pic

Upasana, Ram Charan’s wife, is a fitness freak. She also regularly shares healthy recipes.

Upasana, who is an entrepreneur, takes her time to post various fitness tasks for her social media followers to exercise. 

But she posted a picture of herself sitting as one does on an Indian toilet seat has attracted hilarious comments.

She asked her followers to sit in this position for five minutes to understand how hard it is to be like that.

“Looks so easy but so tough to sit in this position for loads of people living in the city. can u sit in the Indian toilet position for 5 min ? By may 3rd i want to be able to do it !,” she posted along with her picture.

Her intention was right but Ram Charan’s fans didn’t take this in the right spirit. They asked her to delete it immediately.

Some fans said it would be better to remove to avoid trolls, others said it is not appropriate to post such pics. 

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