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Public Talk: Is Naresh Worth Rs 1000 Cr?

Public Talk: Is Naresh Worth Rs 1000 Cr?

The trailer of 'Malli Pelli' has become the most discussed film trailer in recent times. There is a significant buzz surrounding this film, with numerous discussions and opinions circulating on social media.

In the trailer, there is a dialogue suggesting that Naresh is worth Rs 1000 Cr. It is unclear whether this is a literal representation of his current net worth or if it is used figuratively. Further clarification is needed.

Furthermore, during an interview, a journalist asked Naresh if he has married Pavitra yet. Naresh responded by stating that marriage is nothing but a union of hearts, and that has already taken place.

He did not confirm whether he has officially married, as his divorce with his third wife is still pending, most likely.

On the other hand, many are praising Naresh, calling him "vaadu magaaduraa bujji"! This is because he is the first person in the history of cinema to bring his personal story as a biopic, where he portrays himself alongside his newfound love.

Not only that, but he also expresses his anger and frustration towards his third wife by hitting that character on the butt in the trailer. This shocking scene has grabbed everyone's attention.

Additionally, there is a character named Annapurna in the film who satirically comments about Naresh's wives.

Of course, there are some critical opinions, such as "Thank God! Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala have escaped witnessing this controversial picture."

The film is set to release on May 26th, and the hype surrounding it is immense.


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