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Pics: Miss Shetty's Poses In Shining Saree

Pics: Miss Shetty's Poses In Shining Saree

Neha Shetty possesses an alluring charisma that effortlessly captures the attention of young men.

While her performances in "Mehbooba" and "Most Eligible Bachelor" piqued the interest of viewers, it was her role in "DJ Tillu" that genuinely enchanted everyone, leaving an enduring impact on the younger audience. 

Recently, she catapulted to fame with her performance of the song 'Sammohanuda..' from the film Rules Ranjann.

In a skillfully executed photo shoot, she portrayed sensuality, draped in an exquisite shining saree that accentuated her presence.

Her amiable personality further contributed to her irresistible allure, causing her images to swiftly circulate and heightening her popularity among a broader audience.

On the professional front, she is currently immersed in her commitments for the project "Gangs Of Godavari."

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