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Pic Talk: Lord Shiva Enters New Universe

Pic Talk: Lord Shiva Enters New Universe

Abhishek Nama Of Abhishek Pictures announced their production No 9 with a pre-look poster, without announcing much details about the project.

The title of the movie will be announced on April 9th, on the auspicious occasion of Ugadi, Telugu New Year.

The poster sees the ferocious Lord Shiva entering a new universe. While there are skulls on the ground, we can see fire, and beyond a point, there is a snow mountain.

We are transported to a new and fantasy world. Although we can’t see the face of Lord Shiva, he seemingly is very annoyed.

“Get ready for the dawn of a new universe in Telugu Cinema,” announced the makers, indicating the movie is going to give a whole new experience.

More details of the movie will be out when the title will be revealed during the Ugadi.


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