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Pawan Kalyan Fans Hail Ravi Teja

Pawan Kalyan Fans Hail Ravi Teja

Pawan Kalyan fans have a reason to celebrate now. We can understand this by going through some posts on social media platforms. 

It is known that Mahesh Katthi has been an enemy to Pawan Kalyan fans. When he said that Pawan Kalyan has no ability to become successful in politics and his acting skills are also mediocre, the fans became wild. There were series of TV interviews and debates on Katthi's  opinion and the PK fans went to an extent of attacking Mahesh Katthi with eggs. 

Not even a single day, Pawan Kalyan responded to this. He neither apologized Mahesh Katthi on behalf of his fans, nor did he pacify his fans and directed them to leave Mahesh Katthi. 

Eventually Mahesh Katthi continued his verbal attacks on Pawan Kalyan. He keeps posting on social media putting PK in a bad light. 

With this 'background', Mahesh Katthi acted in the film "Krack" in which Ravi Teja beats him black and blue in a scene. Power Star fans are enjoying this scene for obvious reasons. 

A Powerstar fan's post goes like this: "Power Star was silent in Mahesh Katthi's issue. But Mass Maharaja is not. At last my revenge is fulfilled". 

Another post is, "Ravi Teja did what we exactly wanted to do to Mahesh Katthi". 

The other comment is, "Ravi Teja is a Chiranjeevi fan. So obviously, he will have a soft corner towards Pawan Kalyan. Director Gopichand Malineni also likes Pawan Kalyan. Just to quench the revenge the hero and the director created a role for Mahesh Katthi, only to beat him and satisfy PK fans". 

While the social media comments are going like this, Mahesh Katthi is happily sharing the moments he enjoyed during the film shoot, on his social media account.

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