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Opinion: Manchu Vishnu Also Falls On KCR's Side

Opinion: Manchu Vishnu Also Falls On KCR's Side

When asked about the local and non-local dispute about Prakash Raj in MAA elections, actor Suman said, “Anyone who is born in India is a local.”

A simple answer yet one that finds few takers.

Going by this yardstick, many politicians like KCR and Bal Thackarey would have lost their livelihoods if people thought along these lines. The list is endless and will keep on increasing.

Manchu Vishnu had referred to Prakash Raj as an outsider.

“Prakash Raj does a few Telugu films, a few Kannada and Tamil films and the odd Bollywood film or two. He cannot focus exclusively on Tollywood alone whereas I am focussed only on Tollywood. That’s why I said he will not be able to do justice to MAA,” said Manchu Vishnu.

This statement is not welcomed by Vishnu. Prakash Raj works in all languages because he gets work everywhere whereas Vishnu is struggling to get a foothold in Tollywood even till date.

So, does that mean that Prakash Raj who has learnt our language becomes an outsider because he works in multiple industries?

Every Andhra person was heartbroken when the demagogue KCR and his cronies instigated the feeling of separateness against the Andhra people for his political ambitions.

Manchu Vishnu should remember those days and desist from such statements further. Let there be no more talk of local and non-local in future, at least in the movie industry.

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