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New Talent With Better Content in Crisis Times

New Talent With Better Content in Crisis Times

The movie industry is one of the most affected industries in this time of crisis, as the shootings and all other such proceedings have been temporarily halted leaving many actors and technicians with an unscheduled holiday of sorts.

With the theatrical releases having its future up in the air at the moment, it leads to the thought of how the OTT platforms will shape up due to this.

Stardom and big budget releases have always been the norm in recent years, where the audience are accustomed to follow the big stars on the screen who have been regularised to sticking to the formula movies that cater to their respective fan base.

However it is not that often where we see small time talented actors or directors make it big amidst such competition nowadays, leaving a few exceptions.

OTT platforms would definitely be the stepping stone into the limelight for such talent. With people desperate  for new content to be released it would definitely give a chance for new talent to showcase their skills within the small scale budget.

The big screen restrictions which often hinder the work of  creative directors would also enable them to showcase their raw talent in the way they desire it to be with the freedom for them to say what they want.

A clear case is showcased as to why content like Pathaal Lok and Sacred Games would never make it on the big screen.

Stars often stay away from socio-political topics to avoid controversy and also because such content does not often mint money on the big screen, however the OTT platform can lead to many new innovative and interesting content ideas completely different from what we experienced so far on big screen.

Films are always a calculated risk with tension burning between the investments and box office numbers.

However with the big stars having to rethink their strategies of making big budget movies for a while it could quite possibly just happen that we see our larger than life stars opting for smarter scripts and more interesting roles that focus more on content than the budget itself, which might pave the way for many new talents.

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