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Nena Naa Trailer: Mysterious Horror Thriller

Nena Naa Trailer: Mysterious Horror Thriller

Regina Cassandra starrer Telugu-Tamil bilingual Nena Naa is done with its shoot and post-production works are also in last stages.

To intense promotions ahead of its release, the makers have dropped trailer of the movie.

The trailer begins on an interesting note with a foreigner goes missing in a forest. Though there are signs of attack, no other foot prints are found other than him.

Regina makes entry as a queen in saree and we see some supernatural elements.

Then, Regina’s other character is revealed as an archeologist who comes to help the police in the murder case.

A voice in the background tells that a horrendous episode that occurred 100 years ago is happening again.

The story goes back to 100 years to introduce various characters.

What happened then and what’s repeating now? We need to wait for few more days to know answers for these questions.

Regina is remarkable in dual roles and impresses with her screen presence, wherein director Caarthick Raju too convinces with intriguing setup and also with his taking.

The trailer looks promising with mysterious, horror and thrilling elements.

Apple Tree Studios is producing the film on large scale and VFX seems to be one of the major attractions.

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