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Naresh Gets Double Relief In Court

Naresh Gets Double Relief In Court

Actor Naresh was last seen in a wholesome family entertainer Malli Pelli which is currently streaming on an OTT platform.

It is known that his former wife Mrs Ramya Raghupati filed an injunction suit in the city civil court in Bangalore seeking a stay of the release of Malli Pelli in Telugu and Matte Maduve in Kannada, in theatres, OTT platforms, and satellites.

The court gave judgment in favor of Naresh and the makers. The court affirmed that the content of the movie is entirely fictional as certified by the Censor Board.

Court said that once the censor board certifies the film to be a fictional one, there is no ground for a private person to stop the release of the movie.

Thus, there is no objection for the movie to screen in theatres, or OTT platforms or satellite channels.

Naresh gets a big relief in another case. The court accepted the injunction suit filed by Naresh and his family members against Ramya Raghupathi, banning entry into the house of the actor in Nanakranguda.

Naresh and Ramya are not staying together for almost 6 years. As per the Supreme Court provision, if both couples were separated for two years or more, then the marriage is nullified.

So, this is another relief for Naresh in court.

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