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Nani's SS Teaser: A Burst Of Madness

Nani's SS Teaser: A Burst Of Madness

Nani is all set to show his mass power yet again with the upcoming unique action thriller Saripodhaa Sanivaaram helmed by Vivek Athreya on DVV Entertainments banner.

Wishing Nani on his birthday, the makers unleashed the film’s teaser which showcases the actor’s unique characterization.

Nani’s character is portrayed through SJ Suryah’s character who is a cop. Nani appeared as a typical youngster who gets angry whenever he is disturbed by someone.

However, he doesn’t show his fury immediately but waits till Saturday every time, to take on those in his hit list.

SJ Suryah who understood well about Nani wishes him- happy birthday brother towards the end, while the latter smokes a cigarette elegantly.

A burst of madness is witnessed in the teaser with Nani showing all his anger in one day every week, which brings a unique perspective to the narrative.

Nani doesn’t have a single dialogue, yet he creates a strong impact with his strong portrayal of the character. He looked elegant, though the character was a power-packed one.

Vivek Athreya is a brilliant storyteller who always opts for a unique style in narrating stories and Saripodhaa Sanivaaram though an action thriller has an atypical narrative style, going by the teaser.

Murali G’s camera work is creative, while the sound design by Jakes Bejoy is one of the major strengths. Produced by DVV Danayya and Kalyan Dasari, the production design is extravagant.

The teaser has set high prospects for the movie. The makers have announced to release Saripodhaa Sanivaaram at the Pan India level on August 29th.


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