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Naga Babu's Jabardasth Serial Ends

Naga Babu's Jabardasth Serial Ends

Naga Babu has been posting a series of videos explaining why he had to quit popular TV show ‘Jabaradasth’, which he bailed him out of the financial mess and brought him popularity.

Like a never-ending TV serial, he posted several videos about his reason for coming out of this program. Thankfully, he put an end to his TV serial-style explanation and posted the final video.

Ram Charan starrer ‘Orange’, which he produced on Anjana Productions banner, flopped miserably at the box-office, he thought of committing suicide due to financial difficulties.

At that time, this program came as a boon to him. He continued as the judge of the show for many years but now had ended his contract and moved on to another program.

In his last video, he explained that producer Shyam Prasad Reddy, the producer of ‘Jabardasth’ show, tried to control creative persons like with the baton of legal agreements. 

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