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Nag Says Samantha Wanted Divorce from Chaitanya

Nag Says Samantha Wanted Divorce from Chaitanya

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu announced their separation in October 2021. Since then several news reports claiming various alleged reasons behind their split have emerged online.

While Samantha and Chaitanya have refrained from sharing the cause of their divorce, the latter’s father, actor Nagarjuna has opened up about what could have led to the end of their marriage.

According to BollywoodLife, Nagarjuna, in a recent interview with media, revealed that Samantha was the first one to file for the divorce since she wanted it.

“Naga Chaitanya accepted her decision but he was much worried about me, what I would think and what would happen to family’s reputation," he said.

“Naga Chaitanya consoled me very much as he thought I will be worried. They both have been together for 4 years in the marriage life but no problem like this came between them. Both were so close and I don’t know how it came down to this decision. They even celebrated 2021’s New Year together, it seems that the problems have arisen after that," Nagarjuna added.

There were also rumours that Naga Chaitanya was reportedly unhappy with Samantha’s decision to take on bold roles.

In fact, some unconfirmed reports claimed that it was not only Naga Chaitanya, but his father Nagarjuna Akkineni who was not too pleased with Samantha’s decision to continue doing bold scenes and item numbers in her films, post her marriage.

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