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Kriti Shetty In Tears Watching That Film

Kriti Shetty In Tears Watching That Film

Generally some emotional scenes in films make audience shed tears. The actors who portray those scenes may not share the same emotional experience. 

However, Kriti Shetty breaks this norm. This adorable actress shed tears after watching the movie "Bangarraju," in which she herself acted. There is a reason behind her emotional response.

She said in her words- "I felt an intense connection to the movie 'Bangarraju.' After watching it, I called director Kalyan Krishna and cried. The movie resonated deeply with me because the concept of 'Bangarraju' is rooted in our traditions. In our Shetty family, we hold a strong belief that our ancestors are present in spirit form, watching over us and safeguarding our well-being. We also worship them. When I watched 'Bangarraju,' it reminded me of our ancestors and our rich cultural heritage. The depiction of these beliefs on the screen stirred up emotions within me, and that's why I cried."

Kriti Shetty shared the reason behind her tears, and it's not the first time she has been moved by her own films.

She also shared that she even cried while watching Shyam Singha Raya movie. Out of all the films she has acted in her career so far, only these two have had such a profound impact on her.

As Kriti Shetty returns to the limelight with her latest movie, "Custody," she expresses her admiration for Anushka Shetty. Anushka's portrayal of Devasena in "Baahubali" continues to be adored by audiences. However, it is worth noting that Kriti has not had the opportunity to meet Anushka in person thus far.


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