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Jai Hanuman to Release After Two Years

Jai Hanuman to Release After Two Years

"Hanu Man" has significantly impacted the career trajectory of director Prashanth Varma, elevating his status to that of a director with Pan-Indian appeal. Additionally, he has received endorsements from leaders within the BJP.

The ruling BJP government and its leaders appreciate his skills and expertise. Interestingly, Prashanth Varma is capitalizing on this newfound support. He has been receiving numerous offers from Bollywood, including a potential collaboration with Ranveer Singh.

At a recent press conference, Prashanth Varma acknowledged that the rumors about his new projects and casting deals are partially true.

Rumors also suggest that he has decided to postpone the release of "Jai Hanu Man," the sequel to "Hanu Man," to 2026 instead of the originally planned 2025. This delay is due to his intention to produce the sequel on a much grander scale.


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