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Is Telugu Cinema Killing The Golden Goose?

Is Telugu Cinema Killing The Golden Goose?

Telugu film producers should be thanking heavens for showing a way out through OTT streaming services during this crisis.

OTT companies came forward to buy the direct to digital rights of notable films that have been stuck due to the shutdown of movie theaters.

This helped movies like V, Nishabdham and Orey Bujjiga to not only recover the making cost but also make decent profits.

OTT companies believed that movies from bankable stars like Nani and Anushka to not go wrong. They hoped that bringing such biggies directly to home would help them increase their subscriber base.

It was a clever idea and would have surely worked if either V or Nishabdam clicked.

Instead, both the biggies turned out to be major disappointments and analysts say that they had escaped from being disasters at the box office.

Amazon Prime has invested huge in these films and must be ruing its decision now.

OTT looked like a potentially better option for low budget films that usually struggle to find a decent theatrical release.

But movies like V and Nishabdam will keep OTT companies at bay. They wouldn’t be taking a chance and offer big amounts in future.

Producers shouldn’t get greedy and dump off their substandard products online as it would kill the OTT market before it becomes a worthy alternative for theatrical windows.


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