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I'm Not Supporting Any Political Party: Manchu Lakshmi

I'm Not Supporting Any Political Party: Manchu Lakshmi

Right from the time when the Indian Government announced its first lockdown, our film celebrities have been self-quarantined at home.

While they are making the most of their free time with their loved ones, just like all of us, they just cannot wait for the lockdown to get over.

Manchu Lakshmi besides spending quality time with family has been interacting with various people through her show- ‘Locked Up With Lakshmi Manchu’.

So far, she interviewed 17 celebrities including film stars, filmmakers, educators, politicians, psychiatrists, yoga gurus, sports personalities etc.

Lakshmi says she didn’t find much difference being in quarantine.

“I was like person with no responsibilities. There’s no systematic life. The only thing I was bothered about was not meeting my friends. After a long time I have been spending time with dad, mom and Vishnu. But, I missed being on sets.”

Many opposed when Lakshmi announced to interview Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.

“I initially was backlashed. I’m a neutral person and not supporting or against any political party.”

Lakshmi affirms she is readying scripts which require only limited crew.

She asserts that she couldn’t make a comment on the film Thappad with a fear of hostile response from netizens.

“I couldn’t make a comment on Thappad. We were forced to keep quite.”

Lakshmi is not really happy with teachers getting far less pay than what actors are paid.

“Actors get more money than teachers. My fight in this life is for teachers and for education.”

She also supported the idea of online classes amid the lockdown.


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