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Grandson Pays Special Tribute To Krishna

Grandson Pays Special Tribute To Krishna

Superstar Krishna's birthday is obviously a very special occasion for entire family. His grandson Ashok Galla pays special tribute by releasing glimpse of a video song from his debut flick.

The song is remix of Jumbare song from Yamaleela. Krishna did this special song in Ali starrer which was a smashing hit then. Now, Ashok tried to ape style and grace of Krishna.

The young chap is flawless in emulating the signature steps of Krishna.

Apparently, the makers took utmost care in costumes and sets which look vibrant.

We must say that, Ashok Galla made good impression on first appearance, while Nidhi Agerwal is glamorous.

Directed by Sriram Adittya, the film is done with 50 percent of the shoot.

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