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Grandpa Inspiration For Brahmi's Character

Grandpa Inspiration For Brahmi's Character

Director Tharun Bhascker is coming up with a unique crime comedy Keedaa Cola which is arriving on November 3rd. The director reveals the idea behind making the movie.

“I found it funny to know that many people were making money in various innovative ways during the lockdown. Someone sold a manhole cover on the road. I wanted to show that in a film. While discussing the ways to earn money, a friend said that money can be earned even by filing a case that there is a worm in the food. It was a very interesting discussion. But all these are crimes.

Every crime is a comedy if you look it from a distance. It is also my favorite genre. From there the idea of Keedaa Cola came. My all-time favorite is Money Money. I like Brahmanandam's role in it. I also like Jigarthanda and Sodhu Kavvum. Romantic comedies are a boring subject for me. Finally, my dream of making a crime comedy film has come true.”

The director says that he took cinematic liberty for Keedaa Cola, though his first two movies were close to reality.

“Everything was logical in Pelli Choopulu. Keedaa Cola has a lot of cinematic liberty like gunshots and blasts.”

Tharun reveals that there is an inspiration for Brahmanandam’s character in the movie.

“My grandpa was the inspiration for Brahmanandam's character. My grandfather is a good friend of mine. He is a very fun character. I thought it would be better if Brahmanandam played that role. He did amazingly. Everyone will definitely enjoy it.”

He affirms that the preview show in Mumbai got a superb response.


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