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First Look: Kartikeya In 'Bhaje Vayu Vegam'

First Look: Kartikeya In 'Bhaje Vayu Vegam'

Kartikeya Gummakonda, who has been winning the hearts of audiences across language barriers and box office results, is gaining acclaim for his impressive transformations in his roles.

His next project, "Bhaje Vayu Vegam," directed by Prasanth Reddy and presented by the prestigious production house UV Creations, has intrigued everyone with its pre-look.

The film features Iswarya Menon as the heroine and Rahul Tyson, known for his role in "Happy Days," in an important role.

The first look motion poster was unveiled today, generating excitement among viewers. In the first look, Kartikeya is depicted running with a cricket bat amidst a flurry of money.

The poster has sparked interest in "Bhaje Vayu Vegam," which aims to captivate audiences with fresh content. The movie is undergoing post-production work and will announce its theatrical release date soon.

The artwork is handled by Gandhi Nadikudikar, with Radhan composing the music and Kapil Kumar creating the background score. RD Rajasekhar serves as the cinematographer, while UV Creations presents the film, produced by UV Concepts.


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