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Chay's Blockbuster OTT Debut With Dhootha

Chay's Blockbuster OTT Debut With Dhootha

Naga Chaitanya, amidst preparations for his upcoming projects, has boldly ventured into the realm of OTT with the gripping web series "Dhootha," currently available on Prime Video.

Directed by the visionary Vikram Kumar, the series is earning accolades not just for its riveting plot but for offering a fresh canvas for Chay to exhibit his versatile acting skills.

In a departure from his usual romantic roles, Chaitanya steps into the shoes of a complex character – a media tycoon with shades of negativity. His performance is nothing short of stellar, garnering praise from both critics and audiences, marking a blockbuster debut in the digital space. The series is trending No. 1 on Prime.

This supernatural thriller serves as a milestone in Naga Chaitanya's career evolution, showcasing his seamless transition from conventional romantic roles to the nuanced portrayal of a multi-faceted character.

The success of this series couldn't have come at a better time for Chay as he gears up for his next cinematic venture, "Thandel," directed by Chandoo Mondeti.

As audiences applaud his OTT debut, it raises anticipation for what more Chaitanya has in store, hinting at a promising trajectory as he navigates through diverse roles and continues to captivate viewers in the ever-evolving landscape of digital storytelling.


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