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Buzz: Heavy Boozing Of Two Young Heroes?

Buzz: Heavy Boozing Of Two Young Heroes?

Boozing has become a common habit among the youngsters these days. But generally the actors control their appetite for drinks to maintain their bodies and faces. They take liquor in reasonable quantities.

But two young heroes of Tollywood have become drunkards and they are boozing till the wee hours. These two grew as Rs 30 to Rs 40 Cr range heroes.

One of them gets binged with alcolohol throughout teh night and sleeps till afternoon the next day. It is his regular practice whenever he has no shooting. He takes breakfast, sleeps again and gets up in the evening to hit the gym.

Now his friend who happens to be another young hero joined him. Both are seriously focussed on their career and planning meticulously. But the focus on health is not satisfactory.

One of these two heroes is married. So, he needs to be more careful at least for the sake of his personal life.

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