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Box Office: 'Salaar - Ceasefire' Progress Report

Box Office: 'Salaar - Ceasefire' Progress Report

"Salaar-Part 1: Ceasefire," released on December 22, 2023, has successfully completed its second weekend, accumulating a total gross of Rs 625 Cr worldwide and still running in theaters.

To determine its blockbuster status, a detailed analysis of the film's performance in different regions is necessary.

Examining the Telugu version, it was independently released in the North America, generating a revenue of USD 8.5 million.

In the Naizam region, the film achieved a collection of Rs 65 Cr share, marking a breakeven scenario. However, the collections fell short of expectations, resulting in no extraordinary profits. Nevertheless, it proved to be a secure venture for Naizam distributors, yielding minimal profits.

Moving to the Ceded region, the film garnered a substantial profit with a collection of approximately Rs 20 Cr share.

The challenge arises in the Andhra region, where the film was sold at higher prices but has not yet reached breakeven. Trade experts suggest that the film may incur a loss of 10-20% in the Andhra region. They also shared  that increasing ticket prices, as was done in the Telangana region, could have had a significantly positive impact in this area as well.

Salaar (Hindi) had a fair second weekend of 22 crore nett plus which takes the film to almost 120 crore nett. The film is on its way to becoming the biggest South Indian film of 2023 in India though worldwide there is still some way to go.

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