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Beautiful Ladies And Their Yoga Connection

Beautiful Ladies And Their Yoga Connection

Today is international Yoga Day. From Prime Minister to the beautiful models, almost every celebrity is posting pictures on social media promoting Yoga today.

Let us see the Yoga Connection of different heroines on screen. 

Kajal starts her day with Yoga. She says that she feels low if she misses Surya Namaskarams on a day. Even after 15 years of her career in the film industry, she still looks gorgeous, slim and energetic. She attributes everything to her Yoga. 

Samantha, who has been tough in gym has taken a Yoga turn recently. Now she is spending more time doing various Yogasanas. She says that her last lockdown time was consumed by Yoga and terrace gardening. 

Payal Rajput also says that her slender physique is the gift of Yoga. She shared that she reduced from 63 to 58 kgs of weight within a month only because of Yoga. 

Actress Bhumika's connection with Yoga is pretty strong. Her husband Bharat Thakur is a Yoga guru who has been spreading the glory of Yoga in the United Arab Emirates as well. 

It is known to many that actress Anushka is a Yoga teacher. She says that she learnt about the way of life only after her connection with Yoga. 

Rakul Preet also made Yoga part of her life. She is equally working in gym and on Yoga. 

Shruthi Hasan balances both Yoga and Gym. She allocates morning time for yoga and evening for gym. 

The Bollywood actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Sushmita Sen, Kareena and Bipasha are into Yoga. They found alternate career, bliss and health by practicing Yoga.

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