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Bahumukham Teaser: Chills n Thrills

Bahumukham Teaser: Chills n Thrills

The upcoming flick Bahumukham marks the debut of Harshiv Karthik as an actor and director. He also has written, designed, and produced the film.

The film’s first look was unveiled a few days ago and it showed the various shades of the protagonist.

Today, they have come up with the film’s teaser which visually shows different shades of Harshiv Karthik who aspires to become an actor.

The very first scene establishes that the protagonist chooses to become an actor to fulfill his mother’s dream. He spends his childhood in the detention center.

When he starts his drama sessions, he initially faces disapproval for his bad acting. He needs to behave like a psychopath to grab an offer.

He seems to have taken the character seriously and chooses a crime path to prove what he is capable of.

The storyline is fresh and captivating to the core. Harshiv Karthik played a multi-layered character and he is very convincing in the role of an actor and a psychopath.

The teaser indicates that the story has some thrills and chills. The writing and direction are also remarkable.

The movie which was shot in different countries including the USA and Georgia stars Swarnima Singh playing the heroine and Maria Martynova in a pivotal role.

Luke Fletcher’s camera work for the budget of the movie is superb, while Sricharan Pakala brings intensity to the narrative with his score.

The teaser generates curiosity for the movie which is planned for release soon.


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