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Anasuya Slams Kota for His Comments On Her

Anasuya Slams Kota for His Comments On Her

Veteran actor Kota Srinivas Rao’s remarks on various aspects of the film industry have created controversy.

In the latest interview, he also commented about actress Anasuya’s dressing style. He praised her performance. In the same breath, he continued making snide remarks about her skin show. 

Hurt Anasuya took to social media to slam the veteran actor.

“I just came across some comments made by a senior actor…it overwhelms me on how my choice of dressing is a matter of concern to this extent. Sad that someone of that experience made remarks so low,” he posted it on Twitter.

She further said that men should stop talking about women’s clothing or dictate what to wear. 

“So let me just clear the mist for you guys..all those who’ve been talking about what women should wear in the past or now..are only so weak & polluted in their heads that rather than teaching themselves to guide/control their sexual feelings or not fuelling their male chauvinism.. they imposed/impose these mindless dress codes on women... they slut shame women to cover their himbo thoughts... I want to believe today’s men are much more logical and brave and sensible and righteous .. please prove me right (sic),” she wrote. 

Anasuya regularly gets miffed with netizens who keep on asking her to wear ‘proper clothes’. 


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