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Amma Rajasekhar Evicted From Bigg Boss 4!

Amma Rajasekhar Evicted From Bigg Boss 4!

Noted choreographer Amma Rajasekhar is probably the most disliked contestant of this season.

He started off in a cool way by providing fun in most episodes, but soon he lost his composure and started targeting housemates that nominates him or point out his negatives.

He also started putting up a show in front of the cameras to get maximum footage.

He has influenced some good players with his silly tactics and indirectly became the reason for their eviction.

Divi was evicted early as she was misguided by Rajasekhar and Ariyana Glory is the latest to fall into his trap.

Amma Rajasekhar would have been evicted much earlier if the creators of Bigg Boss hadn't helped him stay longer through various means.

Creative team of Bigg Boss identified that Amma Rajasekhar could make the show spicy with his antics and behaviour. Hence, they had given him additional opportunities to come this far.

He would have been evicted last week if not Noel went out due to health issues. Although the Bigg Boss team did their best to make him the captain of the house, they couldn’t keep him out of nominations this week.

As expected, Amma Rajasekhar got the least number of votes this week and was finally shown the door.

The eviction episode of Amma Rajasekhar will be telecasted on Sunday.

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