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Allu Aravind An Co's Hungama At Pawan Kalyan

Allu Aravind An Co's Hungama At Pawan Kalyan

Tollywood bigwigs went to Andhra Pradesh and met Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan. There was live coverage from departure to arrival. Some traveled by special flight, while others went by road.

After the meeting is over Allu Aravind said- "Today is a happy day for all of us. We talked to Pawan Kalyan as a group. We asked for Chandrababu Naidu's appointment also. We asked for time to felicitate both the CM and Deputy CM. We talked about everything from our hearts and will soon give a representation about the industry."

These are the words of Allu Arvind. It's good that the film industry honors both heads of government. Why did so many people take a special flight just to seek the CM's appointment? How did they get an appointment to meet Pawan? 

Let's assume that with Pawan's closeness to the industry, all these film people came and met causually. Wouldn't it have been better if they had stayed for a day or two to secure the CM's appointment and brought both of them together at the same time?

All this haste seems to be just to highlight Pawan Kalyan, paying visit only for him, without mixing it up with CBN.

It would have been better if Pawan Kalyan had said a few words on this or at least Allu Aravind would have given some feelers about the representation the film industry is going to put forth to AP government.


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