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Alcohol Promotion By Three Sankranthi Heroes

Alcohol Promotion By Three Sankranthi Heroes

This Sankranthi has seen three big films - 'Guntur Kaaram,' 'Saindhav,' and 'Naa Saami Ranga,' which have one thing in common.

All three films feature big star heroes, and each of them has a song centered around alcohol.

The irony is that all three songs seem to promote alcohol consumption, while a statutory warning 'alcohol consumption is injurious to health' flashes on the screen throughout the duration of each song.

'Guntur Kaaram' has the song 'Mawaa Entainaa...,' 'Saindhav' has 'Wrong Usage...,' and 'Naa Saami Ranga' has 'Seesa mootha ippu...,' all glorifying alcohol, with the big heroes dancing to the tunes. 

Adding to the irony, both Mahesh Babu and Nagarjuna are seen smoking a beedi on the posters and scenes of 'Guntur Kaaram' and 'Naa Saami Ranga,' respectively, visually promoting cigarette smoking, while the statutory warning 'Cigarette smoking is injurious to health' appears in text.


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