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Young Hero Demands Rs 1 Crore

Well, if a heroine becomes successful, then she becomes a star overnight and so is the case with heroes. The pay may happen or not, but they get headlines and offers. 

Like Tom and Jerry tussle, while the heroines think they are short-changed when it comes to pay thanks to men running the industry, male actors think they don’t get their due unlike the heroines.

Of course, some insist casting couch plays a big role in how much a heroine could demand. And since the heroes cannot indulge in it, they will have to work their way up, or so some insiders feel.

But one actor who is currently the talk of industry is Raj Tarun. He debuted with Uyyala Jampala and is well-known on YouTube. Though his second film is a flop, it is said that he is demanding Rs 1 crore for his next.

Well, the rumour is that he is flatly refusing anyone and everyone who is offering anything less. Of course, while the whole story sounds a bit exaggerated, we will keep you posted.



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