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Trouble in Young Hero's Marital Life?

Although he has had his spate of affairs, he went for arranged marriage as per his mother's wish. The young actor who is known for good acting skills and also for his great comic timing married a girl with an alliance brought by his mother.

Both of them had good marital life till few months ago and he also seemed to have changed his habits of partying till the morning hours and sleeping till afternoon. But industry is abuzz with that he is now facing trouble at home.

The hero is said to have resorted to his old habits and constantly hanging out with his heroines at parties. His wife who comes from a very traditional background started feeling unrest with his attitude.

Initially she is said to have understood parties and hanging out with co-stars is quite common in the industry and professional haphazard but she reportedly sensing that he has developed "special bond" with a tall heroine.

So not all is well between the hero and his wife at home. This is also affecting him on his career and choice of movies, say his friends. Hope he sorts out the issue and concentrate on work better now.



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