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Their Love Story-A Headache For Producers

The love and break up of Hansika and Simbu is one of the most talked about things in recent times. Unfortunately, their break up has caused a serious headache to the producers of a Tamil film called 'Valu'.

It was started when Hansika and Simbu were on good terms, but it took quite a while to complete. Now only a song in the movie is pending which needs to be picturised on Hansika and Simbu.

Naturally, Hansika refused to do the song saying that the dates she allotted for the movie were over although the real reason is Simbu.

The producers were in a dilemma and not finding Hansika willing to oblige, they finally decided to insert an item song into the story line in place of the original song. But luckily for them, Hansika had a change of heart and agreed to do the song. Now, they are eager to film the song before she changes her mind again.



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