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Reel Buzz: Why Is He So Confident?

Reel Buzz: Why Is He So Confident?

Like in most cases, in Tollywood, it is very important to be careful with the way one talks. No matter what one says within four walls, amidst people, one has to keep their manners in mind.

Be it megastar himself or a small upcoming hero, the rules are the same for survival. However, unaware of this, some people talk before thinking and end up making a scene of themselves.

Of late, there has been talk about a small actor in the industry. The actor has started out really small and slowly steadily made a name for himself.

Today he has a reckoning as a comedian. But there are strong rumours in the industry that he has been talking rather rashly during private conversations, which many feel could prove detrimental to his career as a comedian. Incidentally, the actor now has a film lined up as a hero.

"I will become the next megastar. You don't have to work any further. I will take care of you. We will make crores," says the comedian say industry insiders.

He has also spoken off the track during a public event and this has got tongues wagging.

Some feel he will land in deep trouble if the film flops. But some say that he had taken to eating other kind of foods to slim down for his film as a hero and it has impacted his mental health. Some others wonder if he will get any chances if he continues talking like this.



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