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Reel Buzz: Bikini Charges Extra

Normally, heroines face a decline as their tenure increases. But Nayanthara is a complete contradiction to this as demand for her keeps increasing with time.

Recently, she starred in a heroine-oriented horror movie that was a super hit. Nayan increased her remuneration after this hit and is now believed to be charging around Rs 4 crore per film.

This is what she will be getting for Chiru’s 150th film too and is now earning more than most heroines down South.

In one of her forthcoming films Nayanthara will be donning a bikini. Apparently, the makers decided to shell out a fortune to convince her to appear in a bikini i.e. she will be paid over and above her remuneration for wearing the bikini.

The last time she wore a bikini was for the movie ‘Billa’ and she gave many young men sleepless nights. She is ready to do it again.



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