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Pelli Choopulu Heroine Troubling Producers?

Ritu Varma is in demand after Pelli Choopulu turned out to be a surprise blockbuster of the year. Small filmmakers are running after her to cash in on her popularity and craze among the youth.

Ritu Varma starred in a few films before Pelli Choopulu, but she didn’t get the recognition until this romantic comedy hit the marquee.

Ritu Varma is trying to cash upon her ‘Pelli Choopulu’ craze by hiking the remuneration says the buzz.

As per gossip winery, Ritu has been demanding higher remuneration from the producers that have signed her up prior to Pelli Choopulu.

She has agreed to do the female lead in Sesh Adivi’s film prior to the release of Pelli Choopulu, but she backed out later as Sesh is not a mainstream hero.

The producers that have signed her up for Sesh Adivi’s film didn’t make a fuss out of it. They decided to use her call sheets for Nikhil’s film directed by Sudhir Varma.

Ritu is happy to do a movie with in-form Nikhil than Adivi Sesh, who is yet to make a mark as a hero. Well, the lady surely knows how to play her cards.



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