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Parasite Parents Troubling Young Heroine

Most of the young actresses are accompanied by their parents on the film sets. Usually father or the mother or sometimes both of them manage the call sheets of young actresses.

Although few of them act responsible and take care of the career of their child, a few create problems to their daughters with their selfishness.

We hear a lot of such sad tales of actresses who face problems with their parents or blood relatives.

A young actress who is extremely successful in Tollywood has been facing troubles because of greedy parents that are currently living off her income.

As per grapevine her parents have been taking the decisions about her career without even consulting her. Recently they have Okayed a film without even listening to the script.

The actress had no choice but to do the film on her parents insistence. She was reportedly unhappy with the script and her character as it was similar to one of the characters that made her popular. She was feared of getting typecast and being labeled as a B grade actress.

Recently they made her sign another film as the producer agreed to pay Rs. 50 lakh they demanded for. She didn’t get to hear the script, but had to sign on the dotted line as she didn’t want to stand against her parents will.

The actress fears that their greed would put her career in doldrums, but she loves them so much that she couldn’t say ‘No’ to whatever they do.



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