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New Rumours About Nani's Accident

New Rumours About Nani's Accident

We had reported about hero Nani being involved in a car accident recently. Well, the story was covered by much earlier than print and electronic media.

On the fateful night, Nani's car hit an electrical pole in Banjara Hills area during the wee hours. Due to the force, the pole fell down, though no one was hurt in the incident. In fact, the news only came out about 10 hours after it happened.

When the news was reported by GA, it was said that Nani was admitted to a hospital following the accident, though no details about the hospital were given. Eventually, some details emerged.

It was said that the accident happened as Nani was returning from a late night shoot. As the driver slipped into sleep, he lost control of the car and the car hit the pole.

Following the accident, Nani is said to have called up his family, left the car with the driver and left the scene.

As per reports, the driver initially told the police that it was Nani's father who was in the car and later told them that it was Nani.

Now, there is new gossip doing rounds in the industry.

According to some, it was Nani who hit the car. However, once he realized what happened, he is said to have called his driver, explained the situation and left him to handle the rest. This they say was behind the driver's different versions.

There are many questions doing rounds now. How can he leave the car and driver and leave him to handle the situation? Why did he take care to make sure that no news came out?

Only after the story started doing rounds did Nani tweet about the incident. However, the news came out through sources who are close to the unit members of Nani and that's how GA got hold of the news.

Remember yesteryear actor Krishna's movie Neramu Siksha? Well, in the movie, the driver goes to jail for a crime that the hero commits.

Many in the industry feel, this is a similar case.



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